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The E-mail connection could be established by Dialing in to DynaWeb Internet Services thought a Local Telephone line. This could be provided to a PC in the Local Area Network running on Windows NT platform and all other machines LAN will be able to access Email seo hosting simultaneously. In addition to LAN connectivity if a total Internet information solution is required in the lines of database integration, Internet or Extranet solution, DynaWeb being explored the full potential of the Internet is in an excellent position to deliver your requirements.



Advantages of Dial Up LAN

This will improve the efficiency of internet communication system.

  • Memos
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Data Files
  • Financial Statements

This network will also ensure that the correct person will receive the information once it has been send.

Each employee will have his/her own E-mail address which will enable to correspond individually.

Multipal usage facility without separate modem and telephone line for each computer.

System administrator will have total control over the network.

This will enable you to create required E-mail addresses at discretion of the user/company.


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